Plunging a blocked drain


Using high pressure drain jetting equipment, we can handle all types of drain blockages, no matter how big or small. We also understand just how much of a pain drain blockages can be, which is why we will provide you with help and advice to prevent drainage problems from re-occurring in the future.



The benefits of using TSM Drainage Engineers

TSM Drainage has years of experience clearing and unblocking drains and we like to think we have seen it all! There is no type of blockage that we haven’t dealt with, making us the perfect team for the job. We currently operate in and around Norwich and Norfolk, providing drain jetting services to both domestic and commercial clients.

Drain jetting

Whilst many other drainage companies use drain rods to clear blocked drains, we actually find that this is counterproductive. Although the drain may seem like it has cleared, by using a rod, you can end up pushing the blockage further into the system. This is why we take an alternative approach, using drain jets to blast away the blockage and prevent it from getting caught elsewhere in the system.

Our top of the range drain jets are designed to break up drain blockages and remove them entirely, rather than simply moving the problem along.


Clearing your drains

Preparing to jet a blocked drain

High pressure drain jetting also has the benefit of being a flexible and versatile solution. It does not matter what type of drain you have or why it has blocked; a high-pressure jet will be able to break down the blockage, remove it and clear your system, preventing future issues from arising.

Not only can drain jetting be used to clear minor blockages caused by fat, oil and grease, but it can also be used to tackle tricky blockages caused by tree roots and other objects.




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